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Panel interviews are conducted by a team of two or more interviewers who take turns asking you a series of prepared questions. They are primarily designed to assess your skill level and to see how you interact with potential supervisors, managers and colleagues. They are also used to evaluate whether you are a good fit with the culture and people working at the company and to see how you handle stress while in the firing line. The panel will normally include the HR Manager, the Recruiting Manager and a Supervisor from the recruiting department. At the beginning of the interview the Panel Chairperson will introduce the panel and explain the format of the interview, which will usually last 30-50 minutes.

The following are some tips for panel interviews:

- Ensure you are fully prepared for the interview by going through the steps in the Interview Preparation section.

- When you walk into the interview room, take a moment to engage every interviewer on the panel by smiling, firmly shaking their hand if invited to do so, and maintaining good eye contact.

- Wait until you are offered a chair before you sit down.

- Sit reasonably upright and always look attentive. Remember that good posture reflects energy, enthusiasm and self control. Do not slouch or lean too far back in your chair.

- Speak clearly and loudly enough for all the panel members to hear what you say.

- Avoid Yes and No answers. Always expand your answers into at least a few sentences.

- When answering a question, bear in mind that you are addressing the entire panel and not just the individual who posed the question. So, respond initially to the panel interviewer who asked the question. However, as you proceed with your answer, acknowledge the other panel members by maintaining eye contact with each interviewer. Glance from one pair of eyes to the next, engaging other interviewers in your response, and be alert to any reactions from them (nods of approval etc). As you finish your answer, focus back on the interviewer who asked the question.

- Once you've answered a question, stop talking and be ready for any follow-ups.

- Pay each panel member equal respect regardless of their levels of seniority in the organization, and give each of their questions the same time and attention.

- Keep you responses to each question clear, concise and focused.

- Don't be afraid to ask the panel questions like 'Have I answered your question?' Or 'is there anything else you need to know?'

- Avoid appearing overconfident, but do not undersell yourself in any way.

- Maintain good eye contact but do not stare. If you are uncomfortable with this kind of body language look at the interviewer's nose as it has the same effect.

- Check the style, tone and delivery of your voice by rehearsing your answers beforehand to monitor your speed and tone. Don't use slang and watch out for too many 'ers' and 'ums'.

- Strive to project a serious, friendly and professional image on your interviewers.

- Do not cross your arms to avoid coming across as defensive.

- At the end of the interview, thank the entire panel and address any specific requests or comments to the coordinator.


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