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Relocation is a major decision when looking at a new role or position. Relocation occurs not only when looking outside of your company, but possibly internally within the company when looking at a promotion or movement into another area of business. When considering relocation, they key is to research and understand all of the aspects of the move - what it means for you, your family, your career and the company.

Lets take a look at some of the major factors when considering a move outside of your company that requires a move to a new area.

First and foremost. Do you really want to live there? Is it something that you would say, yes I would live there even if the job was not available? Are there good schools, does it offer things outside of work that interest you? Weather - is it cold/hot or in between? How does it compare to where you are currently? Look at activities and things that you do outside of work and see if they are available where you are considering the move to? If not, are there alternatives? All key components of a solid work life balance that will be needed for the long haul.

Cost of living. Compensation and cost of living run hand - hand. People that are looking at relocation need to understand the economic impact that it will cause on their financial situation. Is cost of living less, is it more - what does this mean for me? If you are moving from a metro area to a suburban area, will this require the purchase of a car? You need to look at each and every factor of your life when it comes to money, then compare and ensure that the offer makes sense. Do not just rush in since the offer is more than you make now, you could actually be taking a step back in quality of life.

The JOB. Is the job really the best move for you. When considering relocating and uprooting your life for a position, there needs to be significant justification. Positions are available in all areas of the country and the key is finding the right one that is in an area that you want to live, and really offers the career path that you are looking for. Don't jump to jump. Research and understand why this move makes sense, what this role really does for your career, etc. When that is done, you can make a better decision on where and if to move.

Spiritually. I know this is not something most people discuss. But I have to as it holds as a foundational piece and something that I have seen in people's lives become a major issue when moving to a new area. If you are spiritual and attend a church that is great for you, do research and understand what options are available in the possible new area you are considering. I have seen people that have moved, only to realize that their church family is not available where they are now - offering support, networking, social and spiritual support - all now vacant areas in their lives that cannot be easily replaced. Speak to your pastor, understand the area - see if there are affiliates in the new area. Pray.

Relocation. Major move that can bring some people to places they never thought possible. New opportunities. Challenges. Look at both sides and understand that there are pros-cons to it all. How you research and understand that will determine the decision to move. When the decision is made, and if the decision is to go - be prepared and make a plan. Talk about it with others that are close to you. Be open to yourself, letting out the fear and be realistic in your expectations. That way when you get there, things are handled better and with a more stable mind. Things never happen 100% to the plan, but if you can get a picture in your mind and know you made the right decision with the best process, sticking it out when things are tough is much easier.

Happy moving!


Jason Monastra is a 10 year veteran in the recruiting industry and current partner with United Global Technologies, a leading recruiting and consulting firm serving the IT and engineering vertical based out of Charlotte NC. Read all tips on the job search and career management process at
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