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You finished the interview and now what? Is a thank you letter after interview necessary? Yes, it most certainly is. This required step is vital to leaving a lasting memory on your audience and is an effective tool to confirm you, the prospective candidate, as the person for THE position. Just because the interview is over does not mean your work is done. Writing the thank you letter after interview is another event in qualifying for the position.

The most common question on this topic is, "Who gets a thank you note after interview?" Anyone instrumental in the process should see your appreciation in one form or another. If there was a panel of interviewers, make sure you collect a business card from everyone you met with. If you are not sure of the spelling or title of each person, act appropriately. Call the company, introduce yourself to the receptionist and explain that you recently interviewed and would like to confirm the spelling of names and titles of each person you met with. Receptionists generally prove most helpful in providing this type information. As a side note, make sure you send some gratitude his/her way as well. You never know how much influence this person has and you want to develop as many allies as possible within the organization.

What is the proper protocol for sending them out? The "Thank You Letter after interview" needs to be sent within 24 hours. The quick turnaround time demonstrates your heightened level of interest in the position and your professionalism. Although you can send them through regular mail, my suggestion is to drop them off in person. In this fashion, you eliminate the risk of them not reaching their destination and it gives you an opportunity to properly thank the receptionist for his/her time in providing the information to you over the phone. You can purchase a small gift card to the local cafe, or something small, yet thoughtful, to show your appreciation and to develop that relationship. If you get the job, you have made an immediate friend. If this position happens to go to someone else, you still have a warm contact internally to follow up with if another position reveals itself down the road.

As a job seeker, you can not afford to ignore the "Thank You Letter after interview" step. It written attentively, it is a practical tool to maintain your "top of mind" position from the perspective of the employer. It creates a positive lasting impression of you as a potential candidate and it can tip the scales in your favor. You want every advantage you can get and this is one easily missed. Take the initiative.


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