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Andrews & Associates is an established executive recruiting search firm working exclusively in the areas of state income tax, sales and use taxation and property tax. For over a decade, our reputation has been founded on integrity, quality results professionalism and confidentiality.

Exploring other state tax career opportunities is a sensitive issue which must be handled with extreme confidentiality. For this reason, we never submit your resume to a prospective employer until we have your permission to do so.

At Andrews & Associates, our goal is to partner with you, not just during a state tax job search, but throughout your career.


Your résumé is a document that 'SELLS' your skills and experience to potential employers - it is not your autobiography.

When writing your first résumé, it is difficult to know what to put in... and what to leave out. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track:

Personal Info - OUT
You are not required to provide personal details other than your name and contact details. Make sure you include your email address and mobile phone number, so that it's easy to contact you. Leave out personal information such as your date of birth, marital status, number of children and hobbies.

Details of citizenship - IN for certain roles
For certain Federal Government and international roles, you may be required to undergo security checks and need to provide details of your citizenship and right to work in a particular country.

Date of Birth - OUT
If you are a mature-aged applicant, it is wise to omit any reference to age to avoid age discrimination - yes, it does still happen. It's illegal for an employer to ask your age, so don't inadvertently give it away by statements such as 'I have 25 years' experience in sales...'

Listing every job you've ever done - OUT
The last five years are the most important, but it's acceptable to list relevant positions going back ten years. If you wish, you can list key roles prior to this time with just headings or an employment synopsis.

Personal achievements - OUT
The employer wants to know what you can do for them, not what you've achieved for yourself. They don't care that you've reached your personal goals. Instead, focus on what you have achieved for current and former employers to show prospective employers what you can also do for them. For example, employers want to know about how you've increased sales, increased the client database, increased profits, developed new systems that have increased efficiency, etc.

Explanation of gaps in time of unemployment - IN
Gaps in your employment history may generate questions in the employer's mind about your work stability. To overcome this problem, anticipate questions the employer may have and answer them in your application. For example, if you finished one position in 2006, stayed home as the principal carer of your children for three years and want to apply for a new position now that your children are in day care, it's better to be honest and state what you did in that time.

Career Summary - IN
If you have an extensive career, it's a good idea to include a career summary at the start of your resume, so that the employer can see your work history at a glance.

Writing a resume isn't rocket science. The main thing to remember is to keep your information under relevant headings and to make it easy to read by using a 12 point font, bullet points and white space.


Dawn Richards is a popular guest speaker at Careers Expos and is the author of best-selling career books, 'Selection Criteria Toolkit', 'Get That Government Job' and 'From Fired to Hired'. She uses her background in marketing to teach applicants how to sell themselves in their applications and at the interview. For a FREE REPORT: 'Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers', visit
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